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Hinterstoder Öttl Circuit Trail

Easy, beautiful circuit hike on the sunny side of the Stodertal valley with great views of Hinterstoder.

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Öttlrunde Hinterstoder - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder

Hösshalle parking lot - heading north - Wildmeisterbrücke bridge - Hametner Hause - concrete raod towards Kleiner Priesl - after 1 min big junction with five roads crossing - turn left onto concrete road - follow Öttl Runde signs and Stegerback brook - pass beautifully flower embellished houses - gravel road - Stegerbach - Stegerbach waterfalls - or follow signs towards Öttlgut.

Öttl-Runde circuit walking and hiking holidays in Austria
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Öttl Runde Hinterstoder Circuit Hike

Passing Öttlgut

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Blick auf Hinterstoder & Stegergut - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder

Öttl Runde continued. Dirt track - mountain woods - alpine meadow - chalk oven on the right side - bee huts of Öttlgut - Öttlgut meadow - great views of Stodertal, Totes Gebirge, Höss, Poppensand and Salzsteig.

Öttl Hinterstoder circuit hike - back to town

Öttl Hinterstoder circuit walk - back to town in a leisurely manner on mostly flat terrain to the town center.

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Streckenprofil & Wegbeschilderung - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder

Valley bottom - gravel road from Öttlgut to Schiederweiher road - turn left in the direction of the town center - Johannis Gut farm - turn left towards town - meadows - Johannishof farm - towards the River Steyr - sharp left turn - short upward section - views of Leitner village and the River Steyr - downhill/even trail to town - passing Villa Huem and Stegergut farm - town center.

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