Holidays Hinterstoder Polsterlucken circuit walk
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Hinterstoder Polsterlucken circuit walk

Hinterstoder Polsterlucken Circuit Trail - easy hike to Stodertal's most beautiful spots

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Polsterlucken-Runde - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder

Start at the Schiederweiher parking site across Johannishof, 1.5km after the town center - in the direction of the end of the valley.

Hinterstoder Polsterluckenrunde and Austrian Hiking holidays
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Polsterlucken Circuit Trail

Polsterlucken Circuit Trail - pass Stodertal's most photographed and painted panoramic spot, the Schiederweiher natural pond

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Landschaftsjuwel Schiederweiher - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder

Reach Schiederweiher, most beautiful spot in the valley - most photographed motive in the area - clear water - great mountain views (Gr0ßer Priel, Spitzmauer) - walk along the Eastern shore - resting place - Dwarf Club point - feed the ducks - follow the gravel road in teh direction of Polsterstüber.

Hinterstoder Polsterlucken circuit walk

Idyllic mountain route.

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Streckenprofil & Wegbeschilderung - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder

Great mountain views - Polstergut meadows - Hirscheck and Kreuzspitze views - proceed in the direction of Salzsteig - might rocks - great views of Totes Gebirge.

Posterstüber - Krumme Steyr - left - Schiederweiher - parking lot.

General information:
Hight: 605m - 645m
Length: 5.5km
Walking time: 2hrs
Suited for trolleys.
No special shoes required.
Schiederweiher parking lot. 1km after town center.

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